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Developing Leadership Pipeline

The recent Deloitte Human Capital survey revealed that 97% of business and HR leaders in Southeast Asia face leadership capability as the key talent issue. As much as the diverse Asian market presents economic growth opportunities to businesses, it is also being struck by the scarcity of qualified leaders to face emerging challenges.

On top of operational excellence, organisations are heavily dependent on leaders who are adaptable to learn at the speed of innovation while at the same time empower their people to take action fast.

It is,therefore, crucial for organisations to stabilise and elevate its internal leadership capabilities through a more engaged succession planning process and most importantly, invest in developing a leadership pipeline to ease the transition of functional managers to strategic leaders. This, in turn, contributes to the process of building a high-performance culture - creating new levels of value in a competitive marketplace.

Strategic leadership is effectively the intersection of three lines of inquiry:

with People

To prepare aspiring leaders for these critical challenges and more, the EXCEL Leadership programme aims to further develop your capabilities around strategic, operational, and human resource aspects of the organisation.

Building your leadership communication abilities, the programme begins with an in-depth look at your leadership capabilities and then challenges you to think about the findings within the context of business strategy, financial performance, cross-functional business issues, human capital requirements, and macro-trends.


Singapore Management University Executive Development (SMU ExD) is dedicated to international talent development in a contemporary Asian setting. Integrating the best of Asian and Western practices and theories, our Open Enrolment and Custom programmes deliver outstanding returns on investment for individuals and organisations, leveraging meticulously-designed curricula which address business challenges in the context of Asia.


Customised corporate programmes are individually designed to address organisation-wide competencies and relevant business issues. Designed for the purpose-driven organisation and its executive cohort, the expertise and insights of more than 300 faculty members from our six schools, supported by external experts, bring the best of deep global management thinking into the Asian context.


Serving to nurture talents, SMU ExD offers senior executives the opportunity to accelerate both their career and personal growth through comprehensive Open-Enrollment programmes. Every programme addresses the ever-evolving real-world business complexities, sharpening their decision-making skills and preparing executives for the next emerging challenge.


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